in my own world the sky is always blue
    my heart is never harmed
    bcus the the way i feel 4 u
    makes me feel calm and happi and it makes my body feel warm

    in my own world theres only me and you
    while n front of us the ocean roars
    our feelings showing true
    under the starlight on the ocean shores

    in my own world there is tranquility
    and n that feeling theres a peace of mind
    i give u my heart 2 the best of my ability
    bcus im blessd that u taken me

    in my own world u mean so much to me
    our love's stronger than ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond
    it take up so much time and energy
    theres no room 4 two-timing

    in my own world i feel like the definition of love
    is that u find that special person whom u wuld place no1 above
    u cherish her,
    see her as the woman that she truly is and always b there.

    in my own world u show her how u feel as well as tellin her
    dont b like dem b***h-a** niggas who can only scream and yell at her
    tell her that shes beautiful and dont say that she hot instead
    all thats gon do is get old n boring, then da next ya kno yo relationship dead.

    in my own world no1 is alone
    we all hav a place to lay our heads
    we all hav a house to call our home
    and a lover to rip our sorrows to shreds