• my will to live seems to be dieing
    and my eyes wont seem to stop crying
    i can see myself in an early grave
    knowing that death is on its way
    i start to see the darkness take me over
    and all i can do is stay away just like a loner
    stay away from the ones i hold so dear
    so when soon im gone they'll only remember me being sincere
    they'll forget for the time now
    how i annoyed every one around
    i no this sounds some what wrong
    but some how it is a familuar song
    havent you seen all my signs?
    depression aggression and long deeps sighs.
    i honestly see my mistakes
    and now i know how much it takes
    to break off a friendship as such
    i no i was wrong i know i pushed to much
    so hopefully
    i hope you'll see
    why i leave
    and why i believe
    in such an odd day
    to end the day
    but this is the only path left
    this is now my final breath