• Death, so easy to come by, yet, so hard.
    Is it the fear of nothing to come or the fear of god that halts us?
    Maybe it is the thought that a few may care if we died.
    There are many who believe that killing your self is a brave thing to do.
    Others believe that it is more brave to keep ones self alive.
    Which is the easier way out death or living?
    Will death bring greater trials or is life the greatest trial?
    There are people that believe that life is a chance to try again. That if you fail you can come back and attempt again.
    Then there are the ones that believe that life is boot camp for both the good and the evil.
    Those who triumph in life with few sins and stay faithful in all they do will be going to gods army and those who are shattered and lost their way become that of the slaves of the devil.
    So which is the truth is life the easy way out or is it death?
    Is there a test to see?
    Can one kill ones self for an experiment to see if they come back? Or maybe it would be better to kill another.
    So then those who kill others are they really doing it for sport or are they trying to figure out the ever lasting questions?
    Does anyone ever really know?
    People may think they understand.
    God the everlasting figure he who created us all he who is ever forgiving.
    Sin, sin all you wish but after wards ask god for his forgiveness for you will be forgiven and rise to heaven.
    Is that what God really wishes of us?
    Is there really even a god or is he just a person from the past that people believed to be all powerful but all he was some insane man?
    Is there some greater being out there watching us or are we simply grasping in empty false hope?
    Wouldnt that make death easier?
    Would many more seek the way out that way?
    Or would many more fear death so much more?
    No one to save us.
    It is said in the bible, Dust you are and dust you shall return. Doesnt that really mean that there is no hope for us?
    We dont rise to a better place or go on and be brought back for a second or third try? But that we will slowly die and over thousands of years become oil and fuel the vehicles of our future kin?
    But with that would it make it more comforting to kill ones self knowing that you will help many others in the future or does it make it harder?
    Many selfishly cling to the thoughts of myths that will help ones self stay alive and live forever.
    But is that really a good thing?
    Immortality Endless life or existence would that bore us and make us wish for death?
    Does that mean that death is an escape?
    Or is life the escape?
    Death something so easy to find yet many fear.
    So easy to come by yet so difficult to find.