• the healing of the moon
    as i lay in its light.
    warmth flows in all around me
    but not penetrating the skin.
    the pain has gone
    but no I'm so cold.
    why cant i see life like others
    why do i let death haunt me like this.
    i know i cant lie to myself
    but i can to others.
    i don't even know you
    but i know your there for me.
    you help me forget
    and let me feel like i'm wanted.
    putting my hand out
    i feel the ice of my heart.
    i want to feel
    feel like i belong.
    please help me fight
    fight the darkness around me.
    show me the light
    that has faded from my life.
    what is this pain i feel now
    I've never felt it before.
    my heart aches
    longing to have someone hold it.
    please take me into your arms
    and never let go.
    for i want you
    and only you.