• I always knew he was there
    Hiding just beneath your skin
    But I never thought to stop and see
    What you just might be

    Your soul's as cold as ice
    Yet your eyes hold me like a vise
    They keep me runnin' back to you

    And it always does seem
    that no matter how much I may dream
    I can't shake this grip
    you have on my heart

    Your voice is my lullaby
    My home is in your arms
    They're the haven that I run to
    When I'm lost in my own heart

    Your touch upon my skin
    is what I need the most
    and no matter what you sin
    Your body's my forever host

    The heart that should be mine
    no longer answers to my will
    It calls to your touch
    yet beats on, ever still

    No matter what I know
    No matter what you may be
    I will always know
    you'll forever stand with me

    But now you've gone
    and here I lay
    like a senseless, outcast fawn
    How can I live this way?