• Questions litter the air,
    Never answered, never heard,
    Some think they aren't really there,
    and others find it purely absurd.
    But still they flutter,
    Seen by only those who let them roam,
    Always haunting those who mutter,
    But they never find a home.
    Why do we never find
    The courage or the kindness
    To reach into our mind
    And seek to cure our blindness?
    When will we see that if all of us
    Work to help these tiny things,
    They can silence all the fuss
    And bring a joy that sings?
    What is the answer,
    For there is only one,
    That can cure this cancer
    And undo what's been done?
    Who is the person,
    If it is not us all,
    Who can teach the lesson
    That could stop our fall?
    Where is the ending,
    If it is not already here,
    Of this deadly turning
    That is caused by fear?
    How can we escape,
    If there is a way,
    Before it is to late,
    To save what Fate may?