• Alone

    Every second with out him
    Is like a dagger to the heart.

    My sole cries out
    To have him here
    To have him near.

    I sit awake at night
    Just waiting for his call
    But the only thing I get
    Is the deep call of the night.

    He is gone fro real this time
    And he’s not coming back.

    I wish it was different,
    I wish he was still here,
    But the truth is he’s not
    And I don’t know
    If he is destined to come back.

    My heart cries in pain
    For the love it lost,
    I’m now alone
    Forever to wonder without him.

    There is no one like him
    He is irreplaceable,
    To even try would be a waist of time.

    I just miss him
    And want him back.

    My head knows he is gone
    But my heart yearns to see him again.

    I don’t know how I can go on,
    Not without him.
    It would be pointless,
    Life would lose all zest.

    I just need him back with me
    But he’s now dead.