• Im a pokemon trainer
    Im a chocobo rider
    ...a digimon tamer
    King of Iron fist fighter

    Im a Red Eye Dragoon
    Donkey kong not baboon
    I'll crash insanely on your boxes
    Like im Crash Bandicoot

    I wear a red cap
    ...and I sport a big grin
    Im in love with a peach
    and I'll jump at your whim

    "It'sa me" devil hunting my way
    ..and crying all day
    with two guns that are phat
    and a sword on my back
    and everybody wants me to die just like that

    Im as fast as those cars
    that drive underground
    stacked with those dubs
    just to win a cool crown

    And with these red shoes
    I can run upside down
    and gather those rings
    like a blue blurr in the crowd

    Im a star quarterback
    street basketball star
    to get the belt back
    John Cena must fall
    and Batista must fall
    yeah real piece of cake
    sneak around metal gears
    like some old solid snake

    And as a link to the past
    swing my sword
    ride my horse
    then I'll escape them at last
    But still they insist
    to name my story after some hot princess

    Will anyone feed my kirby
    I think he likes stars

    New dance revolutions
    you can dance in your car

    I can spin like a top
    Spin kick like ryu
    or is it ken?
    you know maybe this is the end.

    by daminami