• The rock beneath my feet
    Is familiar to the soles of my shoes
    The grass remembers me
    Reaches out and tickles my toes

    The glittering path of sun on the water
    Leads me all the way to the mountains
    Their sharp teeth cutting into the colorful sky
    As they slowly devour my light

    The other side of the sound is in shadows
    Porch lights sparkling into existence
    The earliest stars of the night
    I see them glisten

    The island sits all alone
    Surrounded by menacing beasts of land
    But a mystery in itself
    Not named and not known

    Climbing down to the sand
    Barnacles on the rock scrape my knees
    Little crabs scuttle quickly away
    From my monstrous feet

    From here, I can see everything
    The sky, the land, the sea
    I can see memories converging
    On this point, coming back to me