• i ask the sky
    to bless the land
    with the purest pure rain
    then i feel something wet
    land on my head
    i close my eyes
    and let the rain pore on my face
    then i open my eyes
    and all i can see is red
    i look at my hands
    then at the ground
    its raining raining blood
    then the wind blows
    and all i here are screams and cries
    i fall to my knees
    stop just stop i yell
    then you come near
    you touch my shoulder and ask
    why are you screaming
    the blood the rain its raining blood
    and cant you here the screams
    i pull out a blade
    and strike at my chest
    they say it was all in my head
    and the only blood that was there
    was that of my own
    and that i had screamed tell i died