• Ode to Darkness and Fear

    O Darkness and your moonless nights
    within your shadows the bats doth fly
    young boys and girls stare upon you with fright

    Cast your veil over thy child's eye
    send them to the dark abyss of a true nightmare
    spawn new fear to cause the young to cry

    What holy men say about you fails to compare
    may grown men and women shudder in your presence
    for you supply nothing but agony and dispair

    More fear is bred in the hour of twilight when the light is not so much
    grown men go mad at the night wind's icy touch.

    when they shadows evnelope the air land and sea
    the now the darkened world of men establishes a sense of growing fear
    consumed with fright of what cannot be seen, mortal men cannot help but flee

    hidden behind your dark veil, subtle sounds fall upon a terrified ear
    deception reers its head as a false hope is obtained throught the pale moon light
    mankind, the dark spirits of the night doth jeer

    the hungry creatures of the night wait patiently out of sight
    a new meal wanders into the darkened forest, a poor soul called Seth
    watching him with keen eyes, waiting for when the time is right

    how grim it must be when a man breathes his last breath
    his life will end, many fangs digging into his throat without seeing a thing
    the creatures feast upon his flesh, but not before he bleeds to death

    as the dark hour approaches, mortal men hope for something
    realizing how long they must wait, even hardened men start to hear the bell ring

    Like the dark ages, this dark night must come to an end
    In the east where shadows were born, the sun must rise
    shadow cloud and illusion, the rising sun doth bend

    New born light shines through the skies
    the retreating darkness takes with it all deception
    old midnight hope rewarded, relieved everybody cries

    warm feelings stir, a new sense of redemption
    no longer must the terrified hide
    no longer must anyone take refuge in a bastion

    the relief of no longer fostering fear inside
    new feelings of security can grow
    the rising sun's light rekindles shattered pride

    with the rising sun and setting moon, let it be known how light and darkness flow
    one cannot be without the other, darkness shall return followed by new light. let it be known so

    Written by: 'TobiTaru'