• anger and hatered long thought lost
    came to me upon the frost
    of loss and confusion
    creating contusions
    to tear away this fragil illusion
    tears were first in a list of follies
    that remade this empty world of hollys'
    you think it a joke, you think it a game
    you think cuz you know me
    that i'll just stay the same
    well what of this creature
    who grew from this pain
    who has a new traits for holly to gain
    she wont back down from what you've done
    her hackels are raised and to her this is fun
    she'll rip through your flesh if ye be dence
    and try to close her within this fence
    of words without actions, truth filled with lies
    thoughts so selfish you care not if she cries
    so world you are warned of this trechorous beast
    for tonight she is freed and on you we shall feast