• ~Silence~

    I walk toward the park,

    some time after dark.

    My guitar in my hand,

    not a whisper in this land.

    The silence was final,

    like a velvet black vinyl,

    thick and obscure.

    I stroll to the park bench,

    and begin to play.

    Softly at first,

    gentle, if i may.

    Yet the notes grew stronger,

    and the tempo wronger,

    for the mood I was in.


    the music ceased.

    As I suddenly released,

    the emotion built up inside me.

    I played a daunting tune,

    as I looked up to the moon,

    and gasped.

    For as I looked up,

    a voice had spoken.

    Softly at first,

    but growing with thirst.

    She sang of the stars,

    of us people and cars,

    how God has created,

    the destinies of ours.

    I stare at the moon,

    and feel the cold touch,

    as she sits next to me,

    just a brush,

    down my spine.

    Through song she pleads,

    that love be hers,

    and God grant her,

    the perfect soul.


    I realize,

    the lyrics are hers.

    No one,

    not a soul,

    has ever heard what I play.

    My work is a secret,

    I wish people not to know.

    Yet here she is,

    like she knows the song.

    Time passes fast,

    yet I know it has been long,

    since she has stopped singing.

    I draw my head down,

    from my gaze at the moon,

    and look into the eyes of the songstress.

    She is beautiful,


    like no other,

    and true.

    Her face holds no lies,

    as she begins to cry.

    My fingers stop,

    and my heart beats in harmony,

    as I reach towards her face.

    I wipe the tears away,

    and lay my hand across her cheek.

    Willing her deftly to speak.

    She reaches over,

    and touches my face.

    Cupping her hand,

    on my cheek.

    I pull her over,

    sane and sober,

    and kiss her without a sound.

    She pushes away,

    in a minute I say,

    and she leaves me behind,

    not a word in my mind.


    I watch her go,

    and the music began,

    soft and low,

    as I realize,

    that she left a note.

    In it a name and number,

    of my mysterious lover.

    Yet the music plays on,

    and the silence is broken,

    but not a word is spoken.