• When you are thrown
    to the brink of fear
    don't be afraid
    the dawn's almost here
    It's darkest before dawn
    just do not forget
    light's on its way
    no time for regret
    From dawn to dusk
    and everywhere between
    oath's have been made
    waiting to be seen
    A promise to be kept
    amidst all the dischord
    is pressed to oblivion
    or found on the ship's boards
    A radiant vessel
    and nothing more
    can guide you away
    on towards the door!
    Beyond that gate
    exists a great field
    and there in the center
    lies a key to wield
    Now this speical key
    it is like no other
    'tis not to any door
    nor chest moreover
    The key is a portal
    that leads to the heart
    inside is a vision
    of those not to part
    A map to a castle
    suspended on air
    inside lies a secret
    now hurry up there!
    Climb up the stairway
    up to the top
    keep up your pace
    and don't ever stop!
    Now enter the chamber
    like the gateway to Hell
    inside is a trapdoor
    down which you once fell
    Confront now the Guardian
    that once stood in your way
    destroy now his body
    and his soul will not stay
    Make your way
    out of the room
    the air is filled
    with impending doom
    Draw your blade
    now's your chance
    to gain revenge
    with the king's dead glance
    A whistle, a cry
    and there lies the king
    no longer of the living
    from your blades' sting
    Down to the dungeon
    with the dead king's key
    open the cell-door
    let your heart fill with glee
    Now flee the castle
    companion at hand
    flee the dread castle
    soon claimed by the land
    Alas, that foul king
    has risen again
    back now to haunt you
    until you are slain
    Now banish his spirit
    back to the ground
    his soul will vanish
    never again to be found
    Your quest's now completed
    so make your way home
    rejoice in the fact
    that you aren't alone
    The nation is cheering
    at the tyrant's defeat
    the battle is over
    so go now to sleep
    Drift through your dreamland
    no longer should you weep
    the light has prevailed
    so sleep warrior, sleep