• Friendship is like a flower,
    It dances under the spring shower,
    It grows and blooms in a particular day,
    Then suddenly the petals wither away,
    But then it grows in another spring,
    And blooms again and starts to sing,
    That is what I think of friendship.

    Choosing a friend is like reading a book,
    They are all different in some way,
    Some books just have good looks,
    Some you come across everyday,
    Most are so complex and fun,
    Some just gives you fear,
    Most makes you laugh and run,
    Some brings you to tears.

    Friends can be young or old,
    Some friends are just so cold,
    The friends that I have are really cool and in the zone,
    But then some of those friends do pout and moan,
    I do appreciate them because they’re not perfect,
    These are the friends that I would pick.

    Without a friend is like having no name,
    You see everybody having one so you feel ashamed,
    Unless you have a phobia for a friend I advised you to have one
    I assure you that you will have fun,
    Choosing friends is a must,
    But the best friends are the ones that you can trust