• Time to Awaken
    Apathy rains over your body
    Your soul’s limelight is that of emptiness
    Your heart beats dishonesty slowly chewing away at its self
    What is the principle of living?
    Living through the tediousness of suburbia?
    Being but a pawn on the chess board, just something to entertain your God’s (This is a metaphor)
    The once innocent clay mold of your entirety has been thoughtlessly molded by a society of replicas
    , all wearing the same masks and along with your God’s declaration of perfection
    Eventually you create your own facade to satisfy masses
    In the end you utterly lose your individuality
    You carve your psyche into pieces
    Once you finally question your existence you believe it’s too late.
    You are but a manufactured existence
    So what’s the point to living a life that’s not yours?
    It’s not too late to generate your own persona
    Embrace your originality and look down upon the replicas
    Awaken your inner self and banish your facade