• My eyes spread out in front of me,
    My fingers trembled with glee,
    My arm clasped around her waist,
    Pulled her closer, gently, no haste.
    I looked carefully in her moonlit eyes,
    Grey but beautiful,like as a petal dies,
    My heart was in a jostling race,
    Our lips soon closed in a soft embrace,
    I peeked from my lids, like flower buds do,
    Her eyes glanced back cheekily too,
    I pulled back, I knew I had to let go,
    She blushed and shyly retreated into a bed of snow.
    We both stood bewildered, we both hesitated,
    Waiting for the other to move first, for seconds we waited.
    It took just a moment, my legs gave in,
    Though my conscience shook like it was a great sin.
    I chased her playfully, passing evergreen trees,
    she stumbled and fell in the cold winter breeze.
    I pounced right beside her, wielding a grin,
    She sat up and told me "Alright, you win"
    She pounced on me voluntarily, pushed me down in the snow,
    For a moment I laid helpless, half-buried in snow.
    I rolled to my side and got up to brace,
    I looked in her eyes with a smile on my face.
    This time i bent over, and she scampered away,
    I got up and cornered her, her face bright as May.
    I held her firmly, and bent over while it slightly started to rain,
    she giggled and kissed me, all over again.