• Rain

    The moon shall rise and night shall fall,
    Witches from behind, hear my call,
    Make the rain fall from the skies,
    As a crippled angel cries,
    May the clouds rejoice in tears,
    Allow the darkness to steal my fears.


    May the clouds depart in fear,
    Replace the gray with a colorful smear,
    Slow the wind and halt the rain,
    Let the sun rise in a golden frame,
    Allow its burning arches to fly,
    Let it warm the hollow sky.

    Bring Back the Deceased

    Under the dark and stormy sky,
    Bring back to life that which has died,
    Resurrect its soul in peace,
    May divisions between life and death cease,
    Upraise the grave from which it came,
    But when sun peaks, make it the same,
    Let the full moon guide its spirit,
    Allow no living soul to fear it.

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