• See me in this light
    Seeing an angel holding out a hand to me
    Light shines on me
    Cry Me when I bathe in this light

    I continue on, looking at the angel
    I realized what it was, this was heaven
    See me under a cloud
    Cry me real tears

    No loving in this world
    No love for me
    No hate for me
    No hating for this world

    I yet never loved nor hated anyone
    See me, cry me, see the light
    Saw an angel holding out the hand to me, yet I stand there
    Bathing in the pure light

    Who are these people surrounding my body?
    Why they cry? Why they love? Why they hate?
    Why see me in this light?
    A white feather falls above me

    It is time?
    Time of leaving?
    Life is over?
    Death is now begun?

    Cry me, see me, see the light
    See the angel, see the light, see me disappear away
    No love? No hate? No life? No death?
    I arched backwards, going into the light with my golden wings

    Cry me, see me, see the light
    See me be an angel that you'll never see
    Cry me, see me, see the light
    Bye-bye to my family, bye-bye to my friends and those who loved me and hated me