• As the rosebuds fall on this dark sullen day
    And so shall my love die for you
    And as the sovereign beauty of life passes away
    We shall hold these words, forever shall they be true

    This morose, sullen sound that echos through the ears
    A last dying song of what we held through
    a memory that races through all of our years
    We fall with our past, in which we can never undo

    We look upon this world, seconds before escape
    Fighting to mend the hearts that have been slain
    But when we look towards our loves, the lives that we have shaped
    We realize that we shall never die in vain

    And so the blissful springtime, with 1000 acres of life
    Shall be struck down into the cold peaceful rain
    and though This death do us part, as we dim the lights
    We can only hope that love will numb the pain...