• At first I was quiet, shy and sad.
    Then that friend came.
    The friend who ruined my life.
    She was a huge deal back then.
    Once I met her I was too.
    She taught me to pick on others.
    She taught me to hate all things.
    Now she is locked up.
    Back in the jail.
    She still wanders my memories, haunting them.
    I tried to change back,
    but it wasn't quite working.
    I asked to myself; What Happened To Me?
    What happened to my life?
    What happened to my love?
    The answer was simple.
    That friend came along.
    The friend that ruined my life.
    I started to write.
    It took away the hurt.
    Inch by inch I came back to my quiet self.
    My love came back.
    My life came back.
    I came back.
    Now she is free,
    and I run from her.
    She will just hypnotize me,
    when I am down.
    Now I wish I hadn't met her.
    Now I wish I hadn't left my old life.
    Will it happen to me again?