• To my dearest Lexii,

    With All this commotion, i just wanted you to know:

    Now its time for your shinning star to shine ever so bright,
    the light that will guide you through, the many days and nights.
    You may not have Ryan anymore, but i want you to know that
    im still here to tell you I love you with all my heart every day and night.

    I see in your writing your sad and confused,
    I just want to yell “it wasn't you!”
    He was ever so blind and did not see,
    something so great, my Best friend Lexii.

    I want to punch him,
    i want him to say i'm sorry,
    i want him to see he's a loser,
    I want to see the old Lexii.

    To be in your state i don't know how you go on,
    but i hope its because of your strength and your friends such as me.
    I hope my Light shines bright enough for you to see,
    my poor guardian angel, My Dearest friend...

    Love you with my Heart
    Xox Jennifer