• Love
    My heart beats for two
    if only one knew
    that deep inside my heart
    we werent ment to be apart.

    I told him how I felt and,
    now I feel as though those feelings have melted
    I vow never again to tell how I feel
    cause the pain I feel is all to real.

    It hurts too much to think of love
    when one isn't sent from above
    I wonder when these wounds will heal
    so never again will I tell how I feel.

    To one in whom my heart lies
    my heart will not show how it dies
    To kill is an unforgiving deed
    But to love is an unfaithful need.

    To tell me that he hates me so
    To make me think and not to know
    I hate him for blowing my mind
    I hate him for being so kind.