• Every time I think of you
    There's a warmness in my heart
    You've been gone so long
    but I'm not sad
    'Cause I know you're just fine

    Why should a goodbye feel so sad?
    Makes me think
    of the best of times
    When the world was wrong
    and we didn't care.

    It is a little depressing
    To think of what we could be doing right now
    But I'm alright.
    There will always be others
    But I'll always remember you
    Because you were the first.

    The first who cared.
    The first who didn't care.
    The first to make me feel safe.
    but at the same time, on the edge.
    You made me feel right
    even though I was wrong

    And when we laid in the grass
    watching the stars
    I always wondered
    What was behind those deep brown eyes?

    When you said goodbye,
    I didn't know what to do.
    but I always pulled through
    and kept a smile on my face.
    I just hope you remember me
    Just as I remember you.