• I am sick and tired of sad poems
    This is a poem of hope
    For every generation
    That's willing to learn how to cope

    If bleak be the world
    The sky would be black
    Instead of radiant blue
    The butterflys would all be gray
    Not one a single hue

    For flowers there'd be none at all
    All withered up and dead
    Hiding from the aweful world
    Full of hate and dread

    Rainbows wouldn't come outside
    Regardless of the rain
    They too would be hiding
    From all shattered dreams and pain

    Thank God none of the above
    Is even close to true
    The colors making up the planet
    Are a message to me and you

    A message of hope, message of courage
    When we are feeling down
    Just look outside and and you will find
    The truth to turn your day around

    Though there is still rain sometimes
    The sky returns to blue
    With vibrant flowers and butterflys
    And even a rainbow or two