• Flying. A word which means to be one with the air, to have a single pair of wings. It gives the gift to be intoxicated with the sensation to be free, but, this doesn't apply to me.

    I am trapped within this machine. Like an android I am programed to succeed in destruction and greed.

    F-16 jet. Graceful, capable, and beautiful. Like a dancer we move with the wind as far as oblivion.

    As I take off into the sky free to fly, imprisoned by the buttons that tell me to destroy. Its like my fingers are tied to the control center, like little strings with this puppeteer called the government.

    I hear the voice in my mind telling me its time to drop one, like little death presents upon the land upon innocent people, who don't deserve this. Telling me these people are my enemies. Telling me that they are insignificant. Brain washing me until I cave and become the killing machine they want me to be.

    Its like a dance, I am entranced in the movements of the aircraft. I know every step and every move every trick and every turn and as the dance comes to a close, I pose at the hangar the crowd cheers in delight as the "enemy" screams below in agony.

    As I fly, I wonder What am I? Who am I? Who have I become?

    Flying A word which means to be one with the air, to dance among the clouds, to feel alive, to sprout wings and be free. This doesn't apply to everyone. Expesially a brain washed prisoner like me.