• Black Rose
    By: Nicole Craig

    You were new to our school
    A new face in a boring social pool
    You were different from the rest
    Trying to prove you were not the best
    You sat in the back of class, listening to the teacher
    While the others laughed at you at their leisure
    You pretended you didn’t hear
    The evil comments that made you tear
    Every day I wished that we could have a talk but towards you my legs would never walk
    The day I finally walked to you, it was already too late
    All that I was left to talk to was a tombstone solid gray
    That day that I found out, it was gray and sad
    You didn’t show up for school, which made me really mad
    Then the police came and said that you had passed away
    Then I learned that that was the saddest day
    They said that you took your life
    But I knew that was a lie
    Society was the one that pulled the trigger
    And their words were the bullet that made the pain bigger
    So now I stand here alone
    In front of the gray tombstone
    Saying words that you would never hear
    But that was a thought I couldn’t bear
    But now I must leave you alone
    In your wooden casket that you now call home
    So I give a gift to you
    But I wish there was more I could do
    I give you this black rose
    To show you all my woes.