• Three ghosts knocking on my door,
    I gave them candy now they want more!
    Down the street, here comes a nurse
    and a mummy clearly under a curse.

    I am almost out of all my treats
    Kit Kat, Reese's, all those sweets!
    Tricks? I don’t know any. Nope not one.
    So maybe I'll just get out my trusty squirt gun

    The next ghoul that knocks would get a surprise
    if I blasted him with water between his eyes!
    A werewolf might growl and put up a fight
    If he doesn't get candy this Halloween night.

    So it's into my car and off I go
    to buy more chocolate, don't you know?
    When I return, they are on my lawn,
    Boy I can't wait for them to be gone.

    Thankfully it's only just one night
    (or my candy bill would give me a fright!)
    I'm glad it’s only once a year
    So sit back and enjoy-- Halloween is here!