• As one voice gently weeps,
    A whole nation wildly screams.

    Run by fools in suits,
    We fall for their lies,
    Deceived by their sugar-coated smiles.

    We scream for freedom and plead for courage.
    We are the soldiers,
    Fighting with hopes of not being forgotten.

    The voice of experience tells us to fight.
    The voice of wisdom tells us to never give up in search of the light.

    We live in a battlefield.
    As the gun protests,
    We feel like mercenaries who think they’re blessed.

    We are victims of rotten lives,
    Believers in rotten pride,
    Brought to this senseless war to fight.

    Those endless stars and stripes
    Have become meaningless as we continue to march
    When, dear Lord, will we find the light?