• I feel the sorrow
    I feel the pain
    And I see myself standing in tomorrows rain

    I'm bleeding
    I know I have no freedom
    But I refuse to feed my starving demon

    I'm blinded by my tears
    Ensnared by my own mind
    Though I'm full of fear, I'll save myself in time

    Some offer me help
    Most give me guilt
    I think they're trying to assist me, but it just hinders my progress

    Why do you see me smiling?
    Why do you hear me laughing?
    Why have you never seen me cry?

    I'm dying from the inside
    I'm dreaming on the outside
    I'll fight it alone
    I'll face it alone

    Not like you would help me
    You'd probably send me home
    Doesnt matter
    From the inside or the outside

    I'll walk alone.