• Girl and boy claimed to be in love forever a year after they went out boy dropping off girl is how it begins
    Boy: I love you Lynn always...and forever..your the cutest girl ever..your my number one
    Girl: *giggle* Thanks babe love you to
    Boy: *Smile & kisses * well ill see yea...
    Girl: see ya tomorrow?
    Boy: Ah....yea ..
    Girl:*waves good bye*
    and hour after he leaves girl calls boy and he doesn't answer friend tells her that hes at a bar
    Girl *walks into bar and spies on boy*
    Boy: Meg i love you all eternity and no girl will change that
    Meg: heh thanks babe *kisses*
    Girl *comes out and throws ring at him*
    Boy: Lynn! shes nothing to me!
    Girl: You know what hurts the most..? you telling me that im your number one *runs out bar*
    Boy: ...*Chases after girl* i guess...its over...
    Girl : ...*takes her hand back and goes home and turned off the lights*
    The next day mom finds daughter dead from slitting her throat out e
    Eternity can last forever but ...forever is limited