• As everyday begins,
    It must come to an end,
    As everyday ends,
    The darkness rolls in,

    It is then that it struck me,
    The darkness as it rolled in,
    But as I was hit with it all,
    I saw light in the midst,

    It told me something I wouldn't of thought,
    Yes, it told me I do love her,
    As the darkness hit,
    The last quiver from the light whispered it ever so gently,

    See the darkness as the daylight dies,
    This time do not fear it,
    Let it hit, let it roll in,
    Sit and be perplexed by everything you never thought you'd hear,

    See the darkness as it fades into the difference,
    As you were when it came, be happy it's gone,
    Daybreak is here again,
    This time, it's your turn.