• Blood surrounding you
    Taking you're last looks around
    Can't even hear a sound
    Hoping this is not true
    You're breathing slows down to a steady pace
    Knowing that soon your body will be in a case
    Losing your family and friends forever
    For hope is far and soon to be lost
    This is at the most cost
    Hating the word never
    Blackness starts to take over
    Your luck is within a clover
    Blood is flowing fast
    You start to remember your past
    Your body is motionless and weak
    Death is close to its peak
    You have now lost your sight
    Your spirit flows away into the night
    Now everything is to an end
    Your family has one less person to love
    People give your body a shove
    Tears will fall
    For your friends and family get the call
    No hand to lend
    Hopefully your spirit will be at peace