• Broken-hearted tragedy,
    Sing me a lullaby,
    Write me a comedy,
    Dear tragedy,
    Show me your secrets,
    Allow me to see,
    What you do.

    Blood-spangled tragedy,
    Paint me a picture,
    Tell me of murder,
    Thrill of the hunt,
    Taste of the blade,
    Dear tragedy,
    Whisper to me,
    Write me your story.

    Stage-curtained tragedy,
    Let me hear the love,
    Allow me upon your stage,
    I want to see the last curtain,
    As it falls for the show,
    Will you allow me,
    Dear tragedy,
    To see all your cast?
    To walk like the stars do?

    Show me,
    Dear tragedies,
    All that you've seen,
    Paint me pictures in blood,
    Sing me lullabies,
    Pull the last curtain,
    Will you,
    Dear tragedies?