• I slowly sink more and more
    inside myself every fighting day,
    it seems like my life
    is on replay, from the past
    that always brings,
    brings tears
    brings cries
    brings screams
    brings lies
    life just never seems to change,
    haven't I seen this all befor
    haven't I paid my price
    I look up to the sky,
    Only to bring tears to my eyes
    I go numb,
    From the emotions of the world,
    only to lock myself inside forever
    and as I try to fall asleep at night,
    I hear silence drumming away
    tick, tock, tick, tock
    its my only music to play
    I close my eyes, and drift to sleep
    and for once everything is alright
    Then i wake up,
    and nothingness takes over
    god, what did I do to deserve this life?