• As I enter what life really is, I see more, feel more, hear more.
    I am more.
    It's crazy, really, but I learn to encompass the knowledge I receive every day.

    I notice things now.
    I can't quite grasp the feeling of being a parent, but I try.
    I can't get complete control of feelings of a gay boy, but I try.
    I don't understand why I don't feel the way a straight person would, but I try.

    I try to be Atticus Finch, from To Kill A Mocking Bird.
    I try to walk around in someone else's skin.
    I try, but I loose my grip.
    I slip.

    I read to feel this.
    To feel like I am someone who isn't me.
    When I read, I become the characters.
    Their stories are mine.
    I live their lives.

    It's the only way I can accept being anyone but myself.