• There once lived a princess so divine,
    she was going to tell this story, but didnt have the time.

    So I guess your stuck with me, Fred.
    I should probably also mention that I'm dead.
    I'm going to tell you the story of how I died.
    Which was so weird even my sister cried.

    So long ago,in a far away land.
    There lived a drum player in a fantastic band,
    they then became Great Uncle 3,
    when poor ol' Matt fell out of a tree.

    He fell so hard he fell so flat,
    that even Ike couldn't forget that.
    Ike and Mike were practicly brothers,
    except for the fact of two different mothers.

    And now it is time for Ike,
    who went for a ride on his brand new bike.
    He didn't look both ways, before crossing the street,
    then he was literally swept off his feet.

    Oh goodness, oh gosh,
    I guess it is time for dear ol' Josh.
    Josh was about twenty-two,
    when he went to visit the local zoo.

    The zoo was absolutely perfect,
    even Josh thought it was perfect.
    Until he got tangled up in a fight with a giraffe,
    and even that was worth a laugh.

    But sadly to say,
    that Josh did not make it out that day.
    So with all that said and done,
    I guess we are down to only one.

    Ah,yes my name is Fred,
    and that night Ilaid down in bed.
    It was raining and pouring,
    and I think Iheard snoring.

    Then I realized it was only a mouse,
    a little ol' mouse getting snug in his house.
    then I heard the buzzing, oh my,
    oh please,oh please don't be a fly.

    But I took something heavy, I dont know what,
    and I aimed right for that little flys butt.
    Of corse I missed and hit my head,
    and the next morning, I was found dead.