• Watch me write away
    Scrawling on paper
    There’s no way
    I can stop the pen

    Random thoughts spill
    Onto the white expanse
    Crows at my windowsill
    Tapping at the glass

    Music in my head
    Falling for someone
    Lying on my bed
    Making faces at the ceiling

    Birds cawing at the pane
    I heard them yesterday
    Trying to escape the rain
    But I can’t let them in
    Or they’ll never leave

    Sitting at my desk
    Ignoring the din outside
    More alone than the rest
    Of the people downstairs

    I can’t see today
    The birds, they’ve come
    And taken my eyes away
    I’ll have to write
    In Braille
    From now on.

    At least I can still hear
    He still finds me dear
    The one I hold near
    Who keeps me warm.

    I can’t see his face
    The curse, the winged-ones
    I am a disgrace
    But he chases the crows
    Away for me

    They still tap on the glass
    That constant sound
    I lay on the grass
    Outside with the rain
    They haven’t caught me yet

    Bring me inside
    A sweet lovely voice
    In vain I tried
    To follow it blindly

    Forever blind
    But now I see
    The birds are dead
    And you’re with me.