• we all have dreams, dreams that can
    and cant be acomplished.but if you follow me
    you can leave your dreams, my dreams, all of
    our dreams. your my dream, just a poor dreamer
    i've become completely in love.

    no matter the distance between us. i will always
    remember you and i will never forget you. for i'll always
    dream of you and me together, just the two of us. you
    are an angel that was sent from above. i'm just a fool,
    a fool in love with you. i was meant to love you.

    and you were meant to love me. loving each other forever,
    we were meant for each other.... we were destines to be one.
    i have always dream with precious love surrouding m. now i don't
    even know.

    i'm a fool, a fool in love with you. i can't believe i just let you go.
    for a moment, my lover, my dream. you're actually gone, but all thats
    left of me is a shattered broken heart, and with that i'll say good luck
    and farewell.

    and now i've became your dreamer, your angel,and precious love. if you
    could just see the love that i hold in my eyes for you. i'm a fool, a fool in love
    with you. if you leave i will just be a dreamer, a lost dreamer, a lost lover.

    and...a lost angel, you'll always will be in my heart, my soul, and mind.
    my precious, souless, dreamer of mine.