• its you that haunts my dreams,
    even though time has past and good has happened,
    when i close my eyes and wait for sleep its you i see,
    i jump in silence choking back my tears and screams,
    your the monster that goes bump in the night and keeps me looking over my shoulder,
    no matter how much time goes by its your face i see everytime i blink,
    i keep to myself and shy away from everyone,
    its all because of your dession,
    what you did is the nightmare that sites at the edge of my sweetest dreams waiting to take over,
    you caused me pain,
    you gave me bruises,
    you broke my bones,
    but the worst thing is that you enjoyed every minute of my pain,
    the sick thing is that you dont regret it,
    here i sit scared and terrified every minute of the rest of my life,
    and there you go thinking of the night you had some fun,
    even though i try to forget i cant because i see you on me everytime i look at my scares,
    or at my reflection in the mirror,
    but thank you for what you gave me and left me with,
    i hope you enjoyed every minute of it and that you treasure everything you took.