• Farewell, My Love

    Although it seems my love has gone,
    Leaving me emotionless,
    And taking vital strength along,
    I will but stand and move on now.

    I cannot feel the same for you,
    It's been too long, our time apart,
    For though you say you love me so,
    Your actions have betrayed your lies.

    To tell you bluntly, I will say,
    I've seen you craving others yet,
    And though you say this isn't true,
    My heart can't bear another break.

    I'm done with silly acts as these,
    No more will I be taken back,
    Not by such a faulty thing,
    As petty bonds of truest love.

    Perhaps it's I who has deceived,
    Perhaps I am the rat in this,
    But even so, my heart has changed,
    And I feel no more love for you.

    For though we have said in the past,
    Our bond is stronger than all else,
    And that we wished to stay together,
    I find that it is not to be.

    We were not meant for each other,
    So now I must bid thee farewell,
    Perhaps you will find someone else,
    But I am done forever now.