• Say hug me, I'll hold you,
    Say like me, I'll love you.
    Say kiss me, I'll please you,
    If you're in trouble,
    I'll save you.

    I've always been here for you,
    Just out of reach,
    So just think about it,
    Me, you, at Palm Springs or on the beach.

    Don't feel sorry,
    Being in love is nothing wrong,
    A guy who cares,
    And a strong shoulder to lean on.

    I love you for who you are,
    So stay the same; be you,
    We all have problems,
    And together we'll get through.

    So if you need comfort,
    From someone that's true,
    Just look up girl.
    You're a shining star,
    And I'm the dark sky that holds you cool