• Conversations fill the air
    to the Brim, but for One sitting
    alone, to be buffered on a whim.
    On the edge of life, sitting on the
    Edge of the World,
    making depressing thoughts become
    depressing noises and sounds of,
    the thoughts of an Outsider.

    People all around converge to
    form Amebas, while One
    sits over yonder in a, Deep Ponder,
    thinking awkward and Out of Place
    trying as One might to
    join the Conversation.
    Filled with I Don’t Knows, and
    Maybes from rainy days of,
    the thoughts of an Outsider.

    Life continues to flows by
    around the waking Loner,
    unannounced and unawares that
    Anything is out of place,
    in the vastness of their Solitude.
    Trudging alone, unneeded, no warmth,
    the one listless One continues, on the
    Edge in complete
    Uniform Silent Slumber of,
    the thoughts of an Outsider.