• A life in dark
    Is what you see
    And that is all
    For you and me

    The night i love
    And it loves me
    I want to run
    Through it in glee

    The night time is
    The time I roam
    When all the children
    Should go home

    I might not be
    A wolf you see
    But I still live
    In agony

    The pain I felt
    From being shunned
    And the things they said
    Have made me stunned

    So now I'm alone
    And on my own
    To fine a meaning
    And find a place I can hone

    So this is why
    I live in the dark
    To get away
    From the spark

    The spark is
    The ones who say
    All them things
    Even to this day

    And this spark
    Sets off the bomb
    Within me
    That makes me harm

    Well now its time
    For me to go
    And hide again
    From the sun you know

    I love the dark
    It is my home
    And when I'm there
    I dont feel alone