• Running through the forest I can hear your footsteps
    My heart thudding so fast about ready to burst
    My legs are hurting and my lungs are dry
    But if I stop now I know I'm going to die
    Slower and slower
    Until I fall, "Dear god no!!"
    I scream as you stab me with a knife
    A weird pressure is near my waist
    I cry and I cry
    Tears running down my bloody face
    You smirk and you laugh
    You enjoy my anguish and pain
    You finally finish and leave me to die
    My eyes slowly close, I know I'm giving up
    My heart slows down
    My hearing stops
    I go numb
    I feel like I'm falling
    I slowly died
    My last thought:
    "My eighteenth birthday and I'll be floating towards the sky."
    They found me a few days later
    My mother heartbroken, my father in pain
    The funeral seemed long, the tears endless
    I had died before my parents
    I had to watch them be in pain
    Soon after,
    My killer,
    Had killed them too
    People in the world were meant to love each other,
    Not kill one another
    To this day I"m supposed to be twenty-four
    But thanks to my teacher
    I'll never know my future