• They heard the alarm ring loudly,
    where they sat frozen fast.
    'What to do, what to do', they asked,
    confused on how to last.

    'To the stairway we will run quick',
    as someone yelled out loud.
    They ran as fast as they could have,
    towards the staircase loud.

    Before they arrived to the stairs,
    they knew it was too late.
    For they felt the heat from the flames,
    coming in a big haste.

    'Go back, go back', one yelled out loud,
    running as fast as they could.
    'We must hurry before it spreads,
    in safety like we should.'

    They went back to where they started,
    some thinking of a plan.
    They tore their clothes to use for rags,
    to cover fast they can.

    One came to the conclusion of,
    death was fate calling near.
    So up he climbed and down he fell,
    thinking of little fear.

    They watched in horror as he fell,
    thinking of what will be.
    They heard the fire fighters' call,
    forgetting what would be.

    So in safety's arms they were in,
    happy to have survived.
    The story of a tragic death,
    they found the world had lied.

    For they forgot the man who jumped,
    the picture of madness.
    Instead they remembered that day,
    as the heroicness.