• I stay up late thinking, wondering worrying.
    I think about what could be and what should be.
    I worry about everything from you to the horse.
    Worries have been my only comfort in times of sadness.
    Worrying keeps me thinking about everything that is.
    Worries are good in small amounts, but I worry to much.
    Not a day goes by where I want to cry,
    because I worry about how you are doing.
    I wonder if you worry about the somethings.
    I worry about what people think to what I do.
    I try to not worry about so much, but i always worry about you.
    Then people worry about me because I worry.
    The worrying never stops it cycle.
    It will always go on, but it helps me.
    I worry because I care about things.
    The more I worry the more I care.
    Since I worry about you day and night,
    I guess your the most important thing to me.
    Worries go on forever, but they do help me.