• I don't want anymore memories dad!

    Don't you understand?
    Once i saw what you had become, i was afraid
    Not wanted to hurt anymore
    Tear after tear I'd cry, but you were still on my mind

    What was i suppost to do? I was only a little frightened kid
    As i sat up at night. I would think how great it would be
    Never hurting, loving, living, and never having you
    Tears night after night i would cry

    And then you came home drunk and high
    Never normally doing what you did?
    Yes you would. You would hit me and mom over and over
    Me wanting to runaway. mom yelling for me to leave
    Outside i could hear yelling and mom screaming
    Running from the monster!
    Every night i would wish my dad would never come back!

    Memories i never wanted is what memories i have
    Eventually the monster came back
    Memories he said he didn't mean
    Over time i noticed certain things
    Returning time wont help. He still drinks and do drugs
    I don't want memories with a father like that!
    Every time i see the monster i remember that night
    So every night i sit up in bed wondering how it would be without him.