• Moast fear this but i accept the truth that it will consume us all.


    Death is waiting for your soul and shall not rest till it locks it away
    You have sinned and your time must be served
    the gates of hell are open, calling your name
    there is no excape from the lies you have told
    and the sins you have commited
    death is already at your bed side
    do not fight, for it is useless
    just give in adn pay for your misdeeds you have done
    you can feel your stenght leave to and the cold seting in
    the shadows around you do not weep at your demise
    for you have wronged them so many times
    for that death will not lock you in a cage of fire
    but in a cage of ice
    for that is what you did to the shadows of your life
    death is reaching his hand out to you
    now you flout above your badly and you look down
    relizing the mistakes you have made
    but your time is done
    there is no excape from the cluches of death
    down throught the gates of Hell he takes you
    in to the cage of ice you have forged
    there to rot in your cage for all enternaty