• There she is, right before me.
    She stands for everything true and right.
    I know much about this girl in front of me.
    Yet she is comprised of so many things,
    I don’t know where to begin.
    She’s competent, yet shy,
    This girl before me.
    Could be illustrious you see,
    If only she would break free
    Of her shell.
    That would be great for me.
    She acquires much knowledge
    From others you see.
    You wouldn’t want to antagonize
    This girl staring at me.
    Although I am lucky,
    For she would never be angry with me.
    We don’t correspond in any way
    Her and I.
    Yet how is it,
    We still meet in between?
    Why would she want me?
    The boy with a son.
    The one boy,
    That will have to
    Reprimand Bo, his little son.
    She tells me she wants to renovate her life,
    But with me she says.
    Not that I’m loath
    With this plan of hers.
    So I guess somewhere,
    In this minute that passes by,
    Of waiting and staring,
    I can’t think of a reason
    Why I shouldn’t be with her.
    I can’t maintain this urge anymore,
    I walk up and kiss her,
    As never before.
    Later as we cuddle by the fire,
    I think only one thing,
    This is my angel,
    This is my Jade.